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Savanna Clark  
Nubian Gratitude 

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Savanna Clark

 Savanna Clark is the CEO of Nubian Gratitude, an Engagement  specialist, QMHP & artist,  Savanna holds a Master's degree from National-Lewis University, a Bachelor's degree from Chicago State University and an Associates degree from the city colleges of Chicago. 


Shortly, after completing her undergrad studies the budding entrepreneur launched her first business "Peace and Posh". A community cafe where she curated poetry sets, live performances and networking events. After several years of working in the art sector, Savanna' decided to switch gears. her curiosity and interest in the psychology field fueled her desired to attend graduate school.


Immediately after completing her degree Savanna was hired to supervise a pilot program  that provided community mental health counseling to high utilizing clients. The goal of the pilot was to engage individuals in services that decrease mental and physical  distress. For over a decade Savanna would  track down clients, have dozen upon dozen on consult, and meticulously collect data and document outcomes of engagement.

It was at this point Savanna, saw the proof that engaging in self-care practices can drastically improve quality of life and with that knowledge in tow Nubian Gratitude wellness firm was born.


Savanna now pairs the duality gained from her love of art & culture and her extensive experience working in mental health to provide an out of the box  solution for your wellness needs. Savanna and her team of consultants formally known as "the gratitude gang":  provides  tools, services, and experiences that aids individuals and organizations in  reaching their full potential.


To book you or your teams self-care experience click the link below.

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