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Q: What is Nubian Gratitude? 

A: Nubian Gratitude is a consulting firm of engagement specialist that provides individual consults, wellness tools and social events that promotes positive community engagement. 


Q: What is community engagement? 

A: Community engagement refers to the process of involving and collaborating with individuals, groups, or organizations within a community to address issues, make decisions, and create positive change. It is a two-way interaction between community members and stakeholders, such as government agencies, nonprofits, businesses, or institutions, with the goal of building trust, promoting active participation, and achieving common objectives.

Key aspects of community engagement include:

  •     Inclusivity: Ensuring that a wide range of community members, including those from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, are invited to participate.

  •     Communication: Establishing clear and open lines of communication to disseminate information, gather input, and share feedback.

  •     Participation: Encouraging active involvement and contributions from community members in decision-making processes, projects, or initiatives.

  •     Collaboration: Fostering partnerships between various stakeholders to work together toward common goals and solutions.

  •     Empowerment: Equipping community members with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to take an active role in shaping their community.

  •     Sustainability: Ensuring that community engagement efforts are ongoing and not limited to short-term projects, with a focus on long-lasting improvements.



Q: What is an engagement Specialist? 

A: A engagement specialist is a professional who works to engage and support individuals and organizations. Their primary role is to build relationships with individuals and connect them with resources and services that can meet their needs and support their goals.


Q: What happen in a individual consult?

A: We meet and discuss topics related to you or your community wellness needs. We  identify viable solutions based off the availability of your resources then we problem solve around potential barrier to identify and develop the most effective strategy to meet your needs. 


Q: Can I use my insurance for this service, Is this therapy?

A: No, although our services may feel very therapeutic we do not accept insurance and this is not a license professional counseling service.



Q: What type of social events do you host? 

A: We host a event called paint and politic  where participants discuss various topics including: community, relationships, family, career, spirituality, education and more all while creating there very own masterpiece. The event moderator is Savanna Clark QMHP, Artist and Engagement Specialist.


Q: What are the wellness tools you offer?

A: Our Wellness tools are called Gratitude boxes, A Gratitude Box is a keepsake swag bag curated with a unique self-care experience: Our self-care experiences range from: Spa Day, Afternoon adventure to Datenight. Each experience offers you an opportunity to deeply explore yourself, your community, your creativity and your communication.  The distinct design of the a gratitude box and the Nubian Gratitude brand was names and is designed to pay homage to the black American culture.


Q: Who is Nubian Gratitude for?

A: Nubian Gratitude is for those looking to build and develop a deeper connection, love and appreciation for themselves and their community. 


Q: Where can I find out more information about Nubian Gratitude and Savanna Clark. 

A: Visit: 

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